It is our mission to provide high quality preschool experience

To all children — regardless of ethnic, cultural or socio-economic backgrounds.

In the fall of 1965, Binkley Kindergarten was established as an outreach ministry of Olin T. Binkley Baptist Church.

The school was conceived as a mission to the community with the goal of providing a quality preschool opportunity for children of all backgrounds within the community. We are excited to be celebrating 54 years this year and proud that we still uphold the goals of our founders.

Mission Statement

Binkley Preschool believes that all children regardless of ethnic, cultural or socio-economic backgrounds, deserve a high quality preschool experience. At Binkley Preschool, we believe that children should be allowed to be children. We foster a loving, nurturing, play based environment that is challenging and stimulating, but not frustrating.  Our goal is to give children a solid foundation upon which to build their education.

At Binkley Preschool, we know that children mature to their own biological clock

Our emphasis is on challenging children intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally by providing them with experiences that are both age and individually appropriate. Teachers set the stage for hands-on learning in a stimulating manner that will instill excitement, curiosity, problem solving, sharing and freedom of expression. It is the role of the teacher(s) to act as a facilitator – answering questions, offering encouragement, redirecting problem situations and helping children focus on tasks. Binkley aims to foster in each child a sense of independence and a positive self image. Children learn best by doing! Curriculum is an ongoing learning process and it is facilitated through the use of interest centers.

Our teachers strive to integrate important skills into all of their lesson plans. Gross and fine motor, self help, language, math and science are just a few. Learning to live and cooperate within the classroom community and beyond is a goal for all Binkley Preschoolers.

Our Teachers Average
More than 9 Years of Tenure


Kim Buckley

Four’s Lead

Jenny Jones

Four’s Lead

Kim Prejs

Three’s Lead

Elizabeth Geier

Two’s Lead

Lindsey Bennett

Four’s Assistant

Marcy Derby

Four’s Assistant

Courtney Wright

Three’s Assistant

Jenn Abbott

Three’s Assistant

Erin Leonard

Two’s Assistant

Chloe Gude

Two’s Assistant

Hannah Bissmeyer

Music and Spanish

Pamela Alberda

Director Kim Buckley

Kim Buckley first came to Binkley Preschool as the parent of a 2 year old daughter, in 2008, and it was love at first sight! She spent her early years as a substitute, then 6 years as an assistant to two fabulous teachers in the 4 year class.sShe has served as director for the past 5 years and will tell you that her time at Binkley, and with her Binkley Family, has been one of the greatest joys in her life! She feels honored and privileged to be leading in such an amazing place, her second family and home. Mrs. Buckley is a graduate of the University of San Francisco and lives in Chapel Hill where she raised 4 children (2 daughters and 2 sons) with her husband of 29 years.