Trusted by Parents

At Binkley, we find that our best ‘advertising’ is word of mouth. Often someone calls and says “My neighbor recommended your preschool.”  Below, you can read what some of our parents have to say about Binkley Preschool.

“Our family is so thankful for our children’s first school experience to be at Binkley. The school environment provides an excellent balance of play and instruction, fun and age-appropriate lesson plans and projects, and an awesome playground with lots of space to run and explore. Most importantly, the teachers and staff at Binkley are passionate, caring, and committed to the children and their work, thus making our children feel well-loved, safe, happy, and excited to learn!”

“Binkley Preschool was most definitely our best choice. There’s a reason why our friends highly recommended it and it is considered one of the top preschools in Chapel Hill. It is the right platform for education. Zoe learned great social skills and most importantly: self-motivation. The staff and teachers are beyond the expectation of efficiency. Their passion is revealed in the way they engage the kids and parents. Although it was hard to get a place, I am very happy that Zoe was able to enjoy Binkley’s atmosphere for 3 years. Now that she is in school I can certainly see the difference that Binkley made.”

“My child has now attended Binkley for three years and her experience has exceeded our expectations.”

“My daughter had music in the 2s and 3s class, and in the 4s, she has music, physical education, and drama each week. She looks forward to these special classes every week and enjoys the chance to be taught by different teachers.”
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