Music, Physical Education, and Drama

About Music

Music class is held every other week with Mrs. Alberda. Her goals with the Binkley children include exposure to a variety of musical styles as well as musical instruments, aural skills, understanding of basic musical concepts; social skills such as turn-taking, working in groups, listening to and following directions; gross and fine motor skills; and enjoyment of music

About Physical Education

Every class enjoys outdoor play on our wonderful playgrounds daily.

In addition, our 4-year-old classes participate in a Physical Education Class with Mrs. Leonard every other week. The primary goal of the Physical Education program at Binkley Preschool is to teach children the importance of being active and having fun at the same time! During this time the children use their gross motor skills (jumping, skipping, dancing, kicking, galloping, running, and more), learn about teamwork, and learn the importance of physical fitness.

About Drama

All ages at Binkley experience a gentle, age-appropriate introduction to the performing arts. Whether it is pretending to be an autumn leaf or a tiger in the circus, we believe drama allows children to develop confidence, speaking skills, and creative expression.

In addition, the Binkley 4-year-old classes participate in a Drama “workshop” once or twice a month where they extend picture book stories using their imaginations to act out and explore. We learn and have fun using literature such as Big Pumpkin, Going on a Bear Hunt, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Gingerbread Man, and Caps for Sale.

Mrs. Alberda – Music Teacher

Mrs. Leonard – PE Teacher

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