Fun in the Fours

About The Jones’ Superstars
and Prejs’ Superstars Class

The Binkley 4-year-old classes are a place where learning, creativity and exploration are encouraged. Our curriculum gently prepares our students with the academic and social skills necessary for a successful start to Kindergarten.

We believe that every child is different, learning should be fun and that children learn best through play. In addition to large and small group activities, there are many opportunities for the children to “learn through play” in our housekeeping centers, sensory tables, building centers, art exploration centers etc.

Collaborative planning among the 4’s teachers and the use of thematic units are used to expose children to different topics and encourage the children’s natural curiosity in language rich environment.

The fours classes also enrich their units with fun “specials”, a weekly music class (with Spanish blend) with Mrs. Alberda, a gym/movement class with Mrs. Leonard, and a teacher taught drama class!

It is our goal to encourage and foster a lifelong love for learning with all of our 4 year olds.

Jenny Jones has been teaching the 4’s children at Binkley Preschool since 2006. She has a BA in Early Childhood Education and, before coming to Binkley Preschool, taught First Grade for several years before becoming a Supplemental Reading Support teacher for Kindergarten and First Grade students in the Durham Public Schools. She loves working with 4 year olds and fostering their natural curiosity and excitement towards learning and enjoys the opportunity to help prepare her students with the skills necessary for a successful entry into Kindergarten. She lives just outside of Chapel Hill with her husband and has 3 grown daughters who all live in North Carolina. She feels very fortunate to be a part of the supportive Binkley family for so long.

Hi, I’m Marcy Derby. I’ve been “in preschool” for 25 years now and I still love it!!! I was the 3’s assistant teacher at Binkley for 17 years and this will be my 2nd year as Mrs. Jones’ assistant. I have a BA in Early Childhood Education and Master’s Degree work in Elementary Reading. On a personal note, I have 3 grown children (my 2 daughters attended BPS) and 5 grandchildren. I look forward to playing and learning along with your child this year.

Kim Prejs has been a teacher at Binkley Preschool since 2014, when she began as the lead 3 year old teacher. She transitioned to the lead 4 year old teacher position in 2021, and feels back to her roots as she previously taught kindergarten and first grade in both public and private school settings. With a Masters degree with Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Kim loves working with preschool aged children, nurturing their love of learning and helping them to have a wonderful first school experience. What fun it is to watch them grow and learn, especially because their excitement is contagious. Kim feels so lucky to be part of the Binkley community and truly enjoys working with the whole family, getting to know all the important members of each student’s life. Kim’s lives in Carrboro with her husband, two daughters (one of whom is Binkley grad herself!), and two dogs.

Courtney Wright’s love for Binkley began as a parent when her son started his three years here. As he started his first year at Binkley, she began serving the Binkley Preschool Parent Board. After two years as Fundraising Chair and one year as Board Chair, Courtney could not pass up the opportunity to be able to serve as an assistant at this beloved school! Her daughter now attends Binkley as a Manathree and Courtney assists Mrs. Prejs in their Superstars class! Courtney lives in Chapel Hill with her husband, their two children, and their pup, Auzzi. She majored in Biochemistry and International Studies at UNC. She loves exploring nature and science with our Superstars while watching them unlock & learn about the simple wonders around them!

Jenny Jones

Lead teacher

Marcy Derby

Assistant teacher

Kelly Denno

Assistant teacher of the Superstars

Kim Prejs

Lead teacher

Courtney Wright

Assistant teacher