Mrs. Bennett’s Bear Cubs

Mrs. Bennett’s Bear Cub’s Class

The Binkley two year old class is a safe, fun environment where your child will get a gentle introduction to school. We focus on learning through play! We will set your child up for success as they move on in school with:

  • A feeling of security to explore and investigate
  • A foundation in self-help, social and communication skills
  • Fundamentals in preparation for future language, cognitive and math learning

Our 2’s also enjoy music, with Mrs. Alberda, every week! Ask us about the things we do in class. We love to talk about what we do and why we do it. You might be surprised at how much thought is put into every activity in the two year old class. Similarly, we welcome parent input and involvement.

Meet the Teachers

Lindsey Bennett came to Binkley Preschool as a parent of a two year old. She served as the Secretary and then Chair of the Binkley Preschool Parent Board, and when an Assistant Teaching job in the Three Year Old Class opened up, she quickly jumped at the opportunity. Lindsey fell in love with teaching at BPS, and was thrilled to take on the Lead Teacher position in the Two Year Old Class. Lindsey majored in English, Sociology and Nursing. She practiced as a Pediatric RN for many years and continues to hold her nursing license. Lindsey is thankful that her children and she have been able to experience such a wonderful preschool.

Chloe Gude received her bachelors degree in education from Appalachian State University. She has taught private violin and public orchestra programs in various settings since 2008. She enjoys working with both groups and individual students. Chloe quickly fell in love with Binkley when her daughter joined the froggies class and was thrilled to join the Binkley teaching team a year later. Originally from Burlington, Chloe has called Carrboro home since 2010. In addition to playing violin in local classical groups, she spends as much of her free time as possible outside birding and learning about the world around her.

Lindsey Bennett

Lead teacher

Chloe Gude

Assistant teacher (MWF)

Hannah Bissmeyer

Assistant teacher (T/TH)