Two Year Olds


Mrs. Geier’s Manatees

Mrs. Geier’s Manatee Class

The Binkley two year old class is a safe, fun environment where your child will get a gentle introduction to school. We focus on learning through play! We will set your child up for success as they move on in school with:

  • A feeling of security to explore and investigate
  • A foundation in self-help, social and communication skills
  • Fundamentals in preparation for future language, cognitive and math learning

Our 2’s also enjoy music, with Mrs. Alberda, every week! Ask us about the things we do in class. We love to talk about what we do and why we do it. You might be surprised at how much thought is put into every activity in the two year old class. Similarly, we welcome parent input and involvement.

Meet the Teachers

Elizabeth Geier

Lead teacher

Dana VanWert

Assistant teacher

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