It is our mission to provide high quality preschool experience

To all children — regardless of ethnic, cultural or socio-economic backgrounds.

In the fall of 1965, Binkley Kindergarten was established as an outreach ministry of Olin T. Binkley Baptist Church.

The school was conceived as a mission to the community with the goal of providing a quality preschool opportunity for children of all backgrounds within the community. We are excited to be celebrating 54 years this year and proud that we still uphold the goals of our founders.

Mission Statement

Binkley Preschool believes that all children regardless of ethnic, cultural or socio-economic backgrounds, deserve a high quality preschool experience. At Binkley Preschool, we believe that children should be allowed to be children. We foster a loving, nurturing, play based environment that is challenging and stimulating, but not frustrating.  Our goal is to give children a solid foundation upon which to build their education.

At Binkley Preschool, we know
that children mature to their own biological clock

Our emphasis is on challenging children intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally by providing them with experiences that are both age and individually appropriate. Teachers set the stage for hands-on learning in a stimulating manner that will instill excitement, curiosity, problem solving, sharing and freedom of expression. It is the role of the teacher(s) to act as a facilitator - answering questions, offering encouragement, redirecting problem situations and helping children focus on tasks. Binkley aims to foster in each child a sense of independence and a positive self image. Children learn best by doing! Curriculum is an ongoing learning process and it is facilitated through the use of interest centers.

Our teachers strive to integrate important skills into all of their lesson plans. Gross and fine motor, self help, language, math and science are just a few. Learning to live and cooperate within the classroom community and beyond is a goal for all Binkley Preschoolers.

Our Teachers Average
More than 9 Years of Tenure


Kim Buckley

Two's Teacher

Jamie Mastin

Three's Teacher

Kim Prejs

Four's Teacher

Jenny Jones

Four's Assistant

Kelly Denno

Four's Teacher

Tess Wesley

Four's Assistant

Hillary Clendening

Music and Spanish

Pamela Alberda

Three's Assistant

Marcy Derby

Two's Assistant

Elizabeth Geier

Trusted by Parents

At Binkley, we find that our best 'advertising' is word of mouth. Often someone calls and says "my neighbor recommended your preschool."  Below, you can read what some of our parents have to say about Binkley Preschool.

"Our family is so thankful for our children's first school experience to be at Binkley. The school environment provides an excellent balance of play and instruction, fun and age-appropriate lesson plans and projects, and an awesome playground with lots of space to run and explore. Most importantly, the teachers and staff at Binkley are passionate, caring, and committed to the children and their work, thus making our children feel well-loved, safe, happy, and excited to learn!"

"Binkley Preschool was most definitely our best choice. There's a reason why our friends highly recommended it and it is considered one of the top preschools in Chapel Hill. It is the right platform for education. Zoe learned great social skills and most importantly: self-motivation. The staff and teachers are beyond the expectation of efficiency. Their passion is revealed in the way they engage the kids and parents. Although it was hard to get a place, I am very happy that Zoe was able to enjoy Binkley's atmosphere for 3 years. Now that she is in school I can certainly see the difference that Binkley made."

"We applied for our 2-year old daughter to attend Binkley Preschool after hearing several recommendations from friends and neighbors. Ellen Cole, the director, took my daughter and me on a tour and our excitement grew. The classrooms were large with lots of natural light and the playgrounds were fantastic. The students and teachers all seemed happy and relaxed. When we got the letter notifying us that our daughter had a spot in the 2s class, we were thrilled!

My daughter has now attended Binkley for three years and her experience has exceeded our expectations. Her first year in the 2s class with Mrs. Mastin and Mrs. Donovan was great. She learned through guided play and grew accustomed to sharing a classroom with her peers. I credit Mrs. Mastin and Mrs. Donovan for a lot of her potty training, too. In the 3s class, Ms. Wesley and Ms. Derby did a fantastic job of adding a little more “school structure” to the day. My daughter still learned through guided play, but Ms. Wesley and Ms. Derby guided her into stronger social skills with her peers. In the 4s class, Ms. Jones, Ms. Denno, and Ms. Benedict provided a stronger “school structure” with play centers that were often based on the theme they were studying, whole group carpet lessons that addressed literacy, math, and social skills, as well as some more “academic” opportunities such as chances to practice writing, word recognition activities, and reading comprehension – and still plenty of guided play. The teachers did a great job of offering opportunities for reading and writing without pushing or communicating any specific expectation – it was truly a choice.

Finally, Binkley offers several special classes beginning in the 2s and increasing as the children mature. My daughter had music in the 2s and 3s class, and in the 4s, she has music, physical education, and drama each week. She looks forward to these special classes every week and enjoys the chance to be taught by different teachers. In PE, Ms. Benedict plans activities such as dancing, age-appropriate circuit training, and obstacle courses. She also has mini-lessons about the importance of exercise and making choices that lead to good health. In music, Ms. Sharon, plays her guitar and uses rhythm instruments and other visual props to teach her lessons. The children learn songs that often relate to their current unit of study. They also participate in multi-cultural activities, get to play rhythm instruments, and learn some beginning music concepts while having a lot of fun."