At Binkley, Parents are Always Welcome

While there is no required time commitment, volunteer efforts by our families help our preschool in many, many ways! Binkley parents take on large roles, such as serving on the Parent Board or chairing fundraisers.

Parents also help us with smaller but equally important tasks! Our parents are photographers, guest readers in class and they pick up our recycling each week. They make play dough, clap and cheer during our Halloween parades and pack the right clothes to help our young friends enjoy the day.

We place great importance on the home-school connection. We keep our families informed with weekly “Friday Family Notes”, postings to our websites, activity specific emails, and newsletters. In addition, each class has a whiteboard at the doorway so when you leave your child with us, you will have a sneak peak of the day’s activities.

Binkley Volunteer Parent Board

The Binkley Preschool Parent Board is composed of parents who are responsible for much of the “business of preschool” including, but not limited to, finances, staffing, registration, parent relations, scholarships, major equipment acquisition and repair, and record keeping.

The Parent Board welcomes parent input! Each spring, parents have the opportunity to apply for a Board position, if interested. A selection committee chooses the slate and presents the nominations to the current board. Minutes of the Parent Board meetings are posted each month.


Courtney Wright

Vice Chair

Mary Elizabeth Zaldivar


Jenn Abbott


Linda Wu


Hannah Bissmeyer


XiaoMeng Zhou

Parent Coordinator



Cassie Marshall

Church Liason

Karen Long

Preschool Director

Kim Buckley